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Family Empowerment

In Haiti today the majority of children in orphanages are poverty orphans. Poverty orphans are children who have living parents or family members but they are orphaned due to their family living in extreme poverty. Parents or guardians in Haiti will take their children to orphanages or abandon them in a community close to an orphanage believing that the child will live a better life. We want to change that narrative and break the cycle. 


Medical Outreach

Most Haitians do not have conventional healthcare available to them. The resulting health problems, in conjunction with the lack of services, results a countless number of deaths. People with treatable illness simply do not survive because of the lack of medical aid. Knowing this, we are working tirelessly to implement a program and project that would provide healthcare for the poorest of the poor.

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In a world where the life of a child can be so fragile without the basic necessities of life, God has provided a way for us to help. With your sponsorship we can make a difference in a child’s future. 

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Tom Dille

“My wife and I went on our first mission trip last October with Second Chance Haiti. Everything we did that week in Haiti was about showing these children and the surrounding community the love of Christ. Through the gifts, games we played, conversations we had, bible lessons, playing at the beach, serving them, and offering opportunities we were able to let the children know they are loved and have great value. But at the end of the week we came home and went back to our lives. We found out really fast it was going to be impossible to not do more for our children in Haiti. We were forever changed by what we experienced and seen. God has truly touched our hearts and has given us the most awesome people to work with at Second Chance. We returned to Haiti in August and this trip was even better than the last. We came home with only two questions, what can we do to help more, and when can we get back to Haiti?”

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