Advocate with Us

Thanks to the volunteer support that we have at Second Chance we don’t pay salaries or for offices and many resources stateside. We are able to make the impact in Haiti that we do because of the support of our advocates across the country. Our advocates are truly the backbone that our organization has been blessed with.


What Does Being an Advocate Include?

  • Praying with us on specific and updated information

  • Raising funds to strengthen the mission (garage sales, restaurant fundraisers, etc.)

  • Supply drives to impact further

  • Volunteering in Haiti to create action on the ground

  • Advocating on our behalf at local events in your areas to raise awareness

  • Share program ideas to continually sharpen the work we do 


How Do I Become an Advocate?

We are always on the lookout for individuals that are interested in helping us in the movement to make a forever impact in Haiti! Our teams are divided regionally and work together virtually on a weekly basis. Are you interested in becoming an advocate? Fill out the form below and let us know.

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