Blessed to be a Blessing

I'm not much of a blogger, in fact, this is the first time I have ever tried to write of my personal experiences with God and growth for that matter. I consider myself just your average everyday supermom, saving the world one lost baseball glove and a glorious microwavable meal at a time. So give some grace to the ramblings of a thirty-something mom who stumbled upon the meanings of stewardship and generosity through the non-profit of Second Chance Haiti.

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you have this gut feeling to do something? Maybe, a voice in your ear or a thought in your head that you can't ignore? Yeah, that unshakable feeling of the Holy Spirit… Did you listen to it? Most of the time, I tend to try to ignore it with my "busy-ness" or "I'll get to that later, God" but is that what God has really asked of us? Will He continue to bless you and give you more if you're simply too busy? After several years of running the same race, begging for blessings that just weren't coming, I realized that God can't give me more if I do nothing with what he has already blessed me with. You are blessed to be a blessing. So I started to ask myself, what am I doing with what God has currently given me? And I what I found was a whole lot of excuses.

Each year for my birthday, I generally escape with a few of my near and dear girlfriends to the beach for a long weekend in May. It has always been a great weekend to get away to celebrate life and fellowship with friends. However, this year, one of my closest friends was unable to attend hence started my journey with Second Chance Haiti. As a medical provider for the past ten years, I have been interested in medical missions work and regularly provide time every week to domestic work but never on a global basis. God was pulling me to something different for my birthday this year. So, long story short, I signed up for the May medical mission trip. I paid for the expenses and flight and told…no one. Why? Because God told me to. Yeah. I arranged it with my work and my family, but outside of that, God had instructed me to wait.

Okay, so here I am, in a relatively new spirit of obedience over the past couple of years being pulled into a new direction of service, a ticket purchased and trip planned…waiting. For most people who know me, I am generally not the waiting type. This leads me to the word stewardship. Throughout scripture, we see God bless people who are great stewards over what He has asked them to take care of before their blessings: David, Abraham, Noah, Joshua, etc. How are you stewarding what God has given you?

I knew God had blessed me with the means to pay for a trip and the medical abilities to provide care to the people of Haiti that so desperately needed it. Instead of being caught up in the multiple endless tasks of life, making a conscious decision toward prioritizing my time and means to God's wishes allowed his blessings provided to me to flow to others.

Often, these stories do not go as planned with significant plot twists that leave us questioning "Why God?" Which is exactly what happened to me…

Second Chance had to cancel the May trip due to a travel advisory, the plan to cancel the trip came officially 4 days before my birthday and about a week before the trip. Now, the purpose was clear, it was to share my plans. Teach others about stewardship and blessings. I no longer felt the desire to wait but to let others know my heart.

Proverbs 11:24-25(MSG) The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller. The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.

So, I shared on Facebook my mission trip for my birthday fundraiser, easy enough, right? Most people do this and raise an average of $200.00. Well, first, I don't think this is easy to step out and ask others to fundraise. It's easy to say you wanted to do it and don't. It's easy to "get too busy." First, I knew I had to be a good steward over the blessings that had been given to me and step out in faith, so I donated my trip funds of 800.00 to Second Chance and then told my story for my birthday fundraiser. In less than a couple of hours, I raised $260.00. When I checked my Facebook after I got home from work, I was floored. I was blessed and became a blessing…an even bigger blessing! How cool was this? But the feeling, the spirit of generosity is like none other. Scripture speaks of finances and money second only to love, coincidence? God wants to break the uneasiness we have over the inability to be generous, allow His blessings to flow through us, and not stop with us.

At this point, I had raised 1060.00, by merely being a good steward over the blessings God had given me and telling others about it. God pushed me further, we raised the goal. By my birthday, I may not have been able to go to Haiti, provide medical care, but a total of $1160.00 was provided to Second Chance Haiti, and a value core goal was instilled in me further. What we have been given is for us to use to the glory of God, for if we do well with that, we will be given much more. Just as the "Parable of the Talents," in Matthew 25:14–30, the man who stewarded well over 5 talents was blessed and acquired more talents. We are all blessed to be a blessing. Praying for you to start living your blessed life today.