Love of the Journey

Being in the air with Haiti behind me seemed surreal. I had anticipated getting attached to the babies, and missing them when I left. What I did not anticipate, was falling in love with a nation, it's culture and it's people. I did not anticipate feeling heartache from their brokenness and personal stories. I did not know that my heart would ache at night, and dream of ways to be the change.

I did not know that I would so fall in love with the Haitian people. The heat, and the sweat, the stray animals, the filth and the bugs became irrelevant. I did not know a heart could ooze so much love for so many strangers. I discovered that a language barrier, is not a barrier with love.

Love transcended culture and language, and our inability to clearly communicate. I had never before experienced the indescribable power of eye contact. What cannot be communicated with words can be expressed and understood with the eyes. In their eyes was a depth I had never before experienced. Their eye longed with dreams, hope, sorrow, heartache, and brokenness. A longing to know and be known, and to love and be loved. When you extend for a hug and the child holds that hug and you as long as you are willing, that says so much. Physical touch can offer healing. Physical touch has the ability to reach a heart in a way that words never can.

Everything about Haiti is so genuine. Every hug, every kiss, every glance seemed so much more real There. The Haitian people are so sincere. They never miss an opportunity to express what is in their hearts. They show gratitude, and love. They aren't afraid to be open and share what is on their hearts. They are vulnerable, bu they have a willingness to be open about what they have, and what they are experiencing.  They don't miss a moment or an opportunity.

Each day is lived to the fullest and centers around helping others. They give with no thought to themselves. Though they have little to nothing, they share everything. Each piece of bread, or sips of a drink, or piece of chalk broken up into tiny pieces, is shared and distributed to others within reach. I have never met more selfless children. They have been raised to be a family unit. They look out for each other as family and make sure that no one goes without. Their love inspires me. And that love compels me to find a way to be the same way. And it inspires me to be a difference maker, and to help bring change to the world and those in need.

Are we doing enough? The answer is no. No we're not. Their is so much to do. So many in Haiti need my help, our help. Brokenness and pain should be a call answered by all of us that have the ability, the finances, the love to make a positive difference.

I have seen them.
I have heard them.
I have held them.
I have loved and been loved by them.
I have rocked them to sleep.
I have wiped their tears, held them, and they have held me and wiped mine.

They are there.
They are calling to us.
To help.
To bring change.
To be arms of love.
To love each one-one at a time.

Do you hear them?
Do you see them?
My heart is forever changed.
My capacity to love expanded.
We all have so much more love to give than we realize. There is more inside you than you know.

And once you know, you will never be the same.

Now that I know and have seen, I am responsible for what I know and have seen.

It is my responsibility to be an advocate.
To tell the world what I have seen.
To share my experiences.
To compel you to go, or to give to those who do.
I am a voice.
I am a voice for those who have nothing.
For all who call out and are not heard.

Will you go?
Or will you sponsor a child?
Will you advocate with us for change?
Don't ignore them. I beg you.
Use your resources, or give of your time in some way to be apart of all the amazing things that are taking place with Second Chance Haiti.

They are changing lives everyday one at a time, and we can be apart of it.
Be apart of something great.
Something eternal.
You will never regret saying yes.

Sarah Donahue