Daphka’s Second Chance


“The day Daphka’s mother died, I knew I didn’t just lose my wife, I lost my entire family,” Daphka’s father said as he wiped the tears from his face. He had dropped off Daphka and her brother at an orphanage. He was faced with decision to either give them up in hopes that they would be cared for or to let them starve and grow up without any education. He knew that if he went to work, there was no one to watch his kids. If he stayed home to be with his kids, there was no one working to provide for them to live. We met Daphka when she was in a terrible orphanage situation.

Daphka copy.jpg

Daphka slept on the concrete floor and ate every other day. Due to there being no sign of abuse or neglect at home, Second Chance has supported her family through the reunification. We have added Daphka’s family to our Family Empowerment Program, which means they receive a food supplement every month from us and our Haitian team checks in bi-weekly to confirm the family is in a healthy state and progressing. Daphka is currently first in her class, at home with her brothers, and her father is able to go to work without fear of how his children will survive.

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