Family Empowerment

In Haiti the majority of children in orphanages today are poverty orphans. Poverty orphans are children who have living parents or family members but they are orphaned due to their family living in extreme poverty. Parents or guardians in Haiti will take their children to orphanages or abandon them in a community close to an orphanage believing that the child will live a better life. We want to change that narrative and break the cycle.

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Family Empowerment Process




We identify a prospect family. Through this process we have worked alongside local government officials and social workers to determine the state of the home. If after multiple visits and investigation, there is no sign of any abuse, and the child was truly given up due to financial means then we will move forward in the process.




We assess the ways the prospect family is most vulnerable and also what strengths they possess. For example, if there is a family that is at risk for homelessness or not safe due to lack of secure shelter we recognize that we can employ the father of another family (whom we support and need to help find work) to build their home so that both families are given opportunities or met needs.




We explore empowerment opportunities. For example, the same family mentioned (whom needed new shelter) is living in a remote village with more children in the home than adults. These adults do not have childcare so they need a work opportunity that allows them to stay home. Breeding livestock to sell to villagers in their area is an option.




We train the family towards a particular job. We also educate them on how to breed animals and how to save a little and make a little. This is also part of the process where we help with the emotional and mental state of poverty the best that we can. We know this is more than a process or program but also a state of mind.




Once we start the fourth step we begin supplying the family with supplemental aid. Monthly the family will receive 2 meals per day, basic necessities such as bathing soap, laundry detergent, and dish soap. We will also help with school when possible.




Our hope is that within 6 months to a year the family will be restored in more ways than one. They will be empowered through work, healthier through the food aid, and together! Through every point prior to this point, we will have behaved and speak in a way that reflects the light of Jesus. At this point, we disciple them on the love of Jesus.


Family Empowerment Giving Opportunities

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