Frequent Questions

How do I sponsor a child?

We sponsor each child four times at $30 per month in our sponsorship program. A sponsor may choose as many of the $30 increments per month up to $120 per month which will completely fund a child’s sponsorship.

What does sponsorship provide?

Once a child is fully sponsored, you will be assisting in the mission to:

provide a clean, safe environment where the child can grow physically and spiritually

full time care

2 meals per day

basic necessities (hygiene, etc.)

clothes and shoes

education (includes uniforms, books, and supplies)

tutoring when possible

routine medical check-ups and general health care (including special services like surgeries)


child development activities

mentoring to help children

Most important of all, your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God. We mentor the children to discover their incredible value as God’s child.

What will you receive from your child?

A welcome to the family card within 10 days of sponsorship

A photo or video of the child saying thank you!

3 times a year you will receive a card, artwork, or letter in the mail

Reply letters to any correspondence you send to your child

A sponsor only Facebook page, dedicated to child updates, photos and prayer requests

Monthly email updates

Tax deductible receipt for donation amounts

Can I interact with my sponsored child?

Yes. You can send letters and photographs to or PO Box 2316 Burlington NC, 27215

Send a gift to 1606 W. Davis Street Burlington, NC 27215 Attn: Second Chance Haiti

Visit your child on a mission trip to Haiti!

What happens first when you sponsor?

When we receive notification that you have sponsored a child we will communicate it to the child. The joy they feel is indescribable. They are explained to that someone many miles away was connected to them specifically by the grace of God! Sponsoring a child in Haiti will profoundly change the future of your child not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. We are confident that it will change your own life as well.