Second Chance Trips

Every year we host hundreds of people on mission trips, making them a short-term extension of our long-term work and impact in Haiti. Your time in Haiti will help us provide love to so many broken hearts, continue the educational and spiritual growth of those we serve, provide medical relief, complete construction projects for restoration, and much more.

For many, Haiti changes everything. Our mission trips are life changing with purpose. Team members have the opportunity to live and share their faith to grow Christ in others while building an even stronger Christ centered relationship of their own. By choosing to sacrifice busy schedules, to put what God has placed on our hearts into action, team members find purpose and significance bigger than you could imagine.



Whether you are an individual looking to join an open group, a family looking to serve together, or a group hoping to create a trip, we are excited about your interest in serving with us.

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Medical mission trips are the best way for medical professionals to utilize their acquired skill sets to help us create second chances for those in Haiti in need of medical attention.