Luckson’s Second Chance


Luckson’s family dropped him off at the orphanage when he was young. They did so because they thought that going to the orphanage would provide a better life for him. He was a poverty orphan which means he had living family but his family faced extreme poverty and could not afford to feed him or send him to school. We met Luckson when he was in a run down and often abusive orphanage. After working with a government official in Haitian child and social services, we initiated and completed the closing of the orphanage due to neglect and abuse. Due to there being no sign of abuse or neglect at Luckson’s home, Second Chance has supported his family through the reunification.

Luckson copy.jpg

We have added them to our Family Empowerment Program, which means they receive a food supplement every month from us and our Haitian team checks in bi-weekly to confirm the family is in a healthy state and progressing. Although he lived in a shack (sticks and tin held up by more sticks and tin) and had very little, his family of 8 was given a better opportunity and a second chance at being together! Our teams have prayed for his family to see increase and know the provision the Lord had for them. Luckson’s family has been empowered to contribute to help meet the family’s needs as they are working toward becoming self-sufficient. God’s goodness doesn’t stop there. Second Chance was able to employ a team of Haitian workers to build Luckson’s family a much-needed new home! We are thankful for the opportunity to provide hope for Luckson and his family, as well as create opportunities for 15+ men to go home with income to provide for their families!

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