Medical Outreach

At Second Chance we want to restore and provide hope for those who feel and live in brokenness. From our Family Empowerment program to our child sponsorship, we know that all this can be acknowledged through various opportunities such as emotional, mental, etc. support. We know that this commitment certainly extends over to medical, vision, and dental care.

Each patient that leaves the clinics is provided with medication when necessary, plan of next steps or follow up if necessary, encouragement and also prayer. We want everyone that we see to feel and know the love of Jesus. We have had many individuals come to salvation before leaving the clinic!


Haiti Statistics

  • 96% of Haitian population lacks basic health coverage and regular access to health care.

  • More than 90% of Haitian children living in rural areas have worms or parasites that make them sick.

  • AIDS, Parasitic/Infectious Disease, Typhoid, and TUBERCULOSIS are the leading causes of death in Haiti.

  • Children are still suffering and some dying from chronic malnutrition.

  • Nearly 50% of the population does not have access to clean drinking water. 


Onsite Clinics

Most of Haiti’s poor do not have conventional healthcare available to them. The resulting health problems in conjunction with the lack of services causes a countless number of deaths. People with treatable illness simply do not survive because of the lack of medical aid. Knowing this, we are working tirelessly to implement a program that would provide healthcare for the poorest of the poor. At the Second Chance Haiti Redemption Retreat Center we plan to serve the country’s most disadvantaged through a clinic that could include emergency medical, vision, and dental clinic.


Onsite Clinic Giving Opportunities


Remote Clinics

Many, in Haiti, have never been treated by a doctor or nurse in their lifetime. In addition to the onsite clinic, we will make every effort to bring medical services directly to the people of Haiti. With the help of our mission teams we intend to provide medical attention in surrounding areas through mobile medical clinics. The clinics will provide medical, vision, and dental attention. We are able to see 100-225 patients in each clinic depending on the team size. In a week’s time, our medical mission trips have seen close to 1,000 patients.


Remote Clinic Giving Opportunities