Sylvie’s Second Chance

Sylvie 1.jpg

Sylvie impresses many by her mature poise and humble spirit. Behind the gleaming smile is a young woman who has carried the weight of a tragic family loss that stole all sustainability from her family. Sylvie’s father was murdered at the airport in a case of mistaken identity. Prior to his unnecessary and untimely death, he had a secure job allowing him to provide for and meet his family’s needs.

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After his death, Sylvie’s family found themselves in depression and with the newfound looming burden of how their family would be able to keep a roof over their heads. They struggled to secure enough rice and beans on the table to keep the hunger pains away. Sylvie’s family was welcomed into our Family Empowerment Program in an effort of orphan prevention. Second Chance now partners with Sylvie’s family by providing them food for Sylvie and the 5 others living in their home. Due to the legacy driven generosity from our donors, Sylvie is now in her first year of college! The opportunity of education for Sylvie will provide her with the skills necessary to break the poverty cycle, get a job in the future, and help provide for her entire family. By working through these focuses we will eliminate the risk of poverty orphans.

There are so many families that still need restoration. If you can help us make more stories like this a reality please partner with us.