SCH's Redemption Retreat Center

Second Chance Haiti is blessed to share our exciting news!

Second Chance is growing from a short-term focused ministry to a long-term focused ministry. This transition will further our commitment to making a forever impact in Haiti.


In 2011, Chadasha Foundation, a faith based organization focused on medical missions, purchased property in Haiti with a God-given vision of ministering to the needs of orphans and children. That same year God led Jeffery and Ashley to Haiti for the first time.

In 2015, Second Chance Global, Inc. was born when God laid the same vision of ministering to orphans and children in Haiti on Jeffery’s and Ashley’s hearts. That same year Chadasha felt God was leading them to grow their primary medical mission, and to prepare to one day pass their property on to someone else to carry out that vision.

Early in 2017, Second Chance felt God leading us to purchase property in Haiti. We became aware that a very special and well known property in Haiti, The Chadasha Orphan Retreat Center, may be for sale. Chadasha just happened to be based out of Knoxville, TN, which is also Jeffery’s and Ashley’s hometown. And unknown to us at the time, the Founder of Chadasha just happened to be a co-worker with a member of Jeffery's family.

In the past few weeks, leaders of Second Chance and Chadasha have come together for many discussions, meetings, and prayers. All of this brings us to where God has led us to today.

The Exciting News

Second Chance is lease purchasing the property from Chadasha. With management of this property, Second Chance is now firmly positioned to make a forever impact in Haiti. And with the proceeds of the sale, Chadasha will build a Women’s Center in one of their established hospitals that services people in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The addition of a Women's Center would fill a critical need for women's health and provide high quality maternity care.

Property Location

The property is situated on the Saint Marc Canal of the Caribbean Sea in Pierre Payen, Montrouis, Haiti. It is approximately a one and a half hour drive northwest from the Port-au-Prince airport.

Property Description

The property is around 3.1 acres with many amenities already in place. These include a compound wall and gate, reverse osmosis water filtration system, water wells with pumps and filters, a few structures, electrical, solar, and generator power, pavilion, shower and bath houses, and much more.

Second Chance Vision Fund

Second Chance's Vision Fund (Capital Fund) is already underway to raise the funds for the property. We will  be sharing information of the Lease Purchase Overview and a layout of the property in the coming weeks. We believe that you and many others will feel led to be a part of this forever impact opportunity.

Second Chance Redemption Retreat Center Focus

·     Onsite Family Restoration Center serving vulnerable children and families.

·     Provide a safe place for Second Chance short-term mission teams, and for Second Chance long-term missionaries, to grow our ministry, and to serve orphans, children and local communities in Haiti.

·     Onsite ecotourism buildings will provide a place for long term missionaries from other organizations, community pastors and elders, and others, to have a quiet retreat where they can be ministered to, and be able to recharge and refresh from the demands of living in the mission field.

·     Become self-sufficient within 5-10 years through utilization of onsite resources including: garden for vegetables and herbs/spices, fish cages, chicken coop, coconut trees, grape vines, reverse osmosis system to create clean drinking water from sea water, etc. These resources will allow full time residents on the property the ability to live with limited external resources, and the potential to sell goods in local marketplaces.

Second Chance Haiti Mission Statement

We exist to provide a second chance for the children of Haiti so that each can have a relationship with Christ and make a forever impact.

Your Next Steps

We have continually asked God to provide us with an army of people to assist us in carrying out our Mission in Haiti. Today, you have the opportunity to join that army. We are seeking individuals, families, churches, and businesses to lock arms with Second Chance to make a forever impact by financially contributing to this cause. We then challenge you to share what God is doing through Second Chance with others.

Goal= $300,000

Current= $135,000

Step out in faith and DONATE TODAY.